Nurture with Nature

Made with 100% Australian Merino wool

Super Fine Australian Merino Wool for Babies

With comfort and care in mind, Fine Merino wool comes from sheep selected to produce the very softest fibres, providing superior comfort for your child. The fibre’s ability to breathe also helps to regulate your child’s body temperature.

Nurture with Nature

Make an eco-conscious choice for the most important little people in your life by choosing a natural fibre, Merino wool. The fine nature of the Merino Fibres makes it the most delicate and soft fibre suitable for direct contact with babies skin.

Australian Merino Wool

When it comes to the care and comfort of a baby only Merino wool comes close to a mother's touch. The unique fineness of Merino fibres gives baby clothes and blanket's a softness no other fabric can match.

The Wonder Fibre

Superior choice for babies

Designed with comfort and care front of mind, the Merino Mini range is crafted exclusively for babies and children. Babies often struggle to regulate their own body temperature, so when they feel too hot or too cold, they often suffer from poor disturbed sleep. Merino wool fibres actively help regulate baby's body temperature to help them feel more comfortable and relaxed during a night, leading to a better sleep.